Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS).

Turn Microsoft Teams into a full Unified Communications solution by adding voice.

Place and receive external calls directly from Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Direct Routing. Running securely on Azure, it’s easy to add, requires no new hardware and can be scaled at anytime.

Your desk phone evolved.

End-to-end cloud solution running securely on Microsoft Azure

Working from home or office, commuting or traveling, Big Yellow Bee keeps you connected. Flexible and with seamless integration into Microsoft Teams, you can now place and receive telephone calls from any device running Microsoft Teams including computer, tablet, smart phone and Teams compatible desk & conference phones.

More business improvement features.


Migrate at will within minutes to the cloud. Customers benefit from the flexibility to opt in/out or up/down monthly in an unlimited or consumption-based plan. We speed modern workplace adoption with analog device, legacy PBX and SfB migration paths. Automated activation and dedicated voice support delivers maximum customer value.


We provide all the benefits of using a calling plan or your own direct routing system but it’s simpler and has global availability. It was built to be a true SaaS product that is 100% turnkey. There’s no setup or hidden costs, operational overhead or maintenance because all the engineering, architecture, programming, and security is included.


Our technology is offered globally in over 60+ countries with multi-currency support. E911 and Next Gen E911 utilizing Intrado’s Intelligent Network is included where available. Voice routing can easily be managed to denote the primary and other priority user locations.


Our solution is built on Microsoft Azure and is Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, PIA and GDPR compliant. The global mesh network and high availability data regions ensure a reliable, resilient solution with end-to-end encryption. Plus, there’s no scripts or code when using our voice panel.

Complete your communications hub with Voice for Teams.